Interested in joining Unicycle Club?

Join the Mailing List or GroupMe!


Any OSU student may join Unicycle Club. No experience or unicycle is required. We have lots of extras!


If you've never unicycled before, show up at any meeting to get free lessons. Just bring yourself and a little determination and you're good to go!


Lincoln Tower Park Tennis/Basketball Courts (Just outside the RPAC). Join the mailing list to get updates in case of inclement weather.


Unicycle Club meets every Saturday from 2-4pm. You can come late or leave early if you want as well!


Along with being a great form of exercise, unicycling is lots of fun, and once you learn how to unicycle, you will feel good having learned a new skill. It's great exercise for the mind and the body!


Email Nick Braun or ask in the GroupMe!